Bookworm: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Here’s my latest read. I loved this book. Loved the main character, Eleanor Oliphant. She is a quirky, odd girl. She has gone through a lot in her life and this is her story of how she overcame her past. She learns to let go of things, makes new friends and become more comfortable in her own skin. I gave it five stars on my Goodreads account.


Bookworm: Confessions of a Undomestic Goddess

As a new Mom I can remember feeling overwhelmed. I was in a range of emotions and learning how to take care of this new little being. This book read every thought and emotion that I was feeling and maybe didn’t really want to admit to, at least not out loud.

Ashley Keller is a new Mom to her daughter Aubrey. She strives to be the best Mom who can juggle it all. While she tries she may not always succeed but her heart is in the right place, wanting the best for her daughter and her family. She gets into a number of situations that I could not imagine but make you want to laugh and she learns a lot along the way.

I loved this book, it was funny, relatable and light hearted. I recommend it to everyone, not just Moms.

Confessions of a Domestic Failure

Summer Reading List 2017

I have done a Summer Reading List for years. I look forward to it every year. The only time I haven’t made a list was last year, when I was pregnant with Markus. I just didn’t feel like reading and basically fell asleep every night at 7:30pm.

I start accumulating the books I want to read almost a month in advance. I go through the books I have in a pile next to my bed, the e-books I have on my Kindle, my “to-read” shelf on my Goodreads account and lists of new books and recommendations I find via my favorite bloggers and Instagrammers. This year it’s a huge list, I have 17 books. Usually I have about 12 books but I could not stop adding books to my summer list, there are so many books I want to read. Mind you, I may not get to all of them but I’ll never be without choices of what to read next.

1. I See You by: Claire Mackintosh 

2. The Perfect Stranger by: Megan Miranda

3. I Found You by: Lisa Jewell

4. Beartown by: Frederik Backman

5. The Harem Midwife by: Roberta Rich

6. Into The Water by: Paula Hawkins

7. Big Little Lies by: Liane Moriarty

8. The Little Paris Bookshop by: Nina George

9. Before I Go To Sleep by: S. J. Watson

10. Pancakes In Paris by: Craig Carlson

11. Invincible Summer by: Alice Adams

12. All The Missing Girls by: Megan Miranda

13. Since We Fell by: Dennis Lehane

14. Come Away With Me by:Karma Brown

15. Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

16. The Diplomat’s Wife by: Pam Jenoff

17. Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand

So, there’s my list! I will be reading both books and my Kindle. Not all my books are bought. I will also be going to my local library to borrow some books. And Markus will be doing his own Summer Reading as well, which I will share. Happy Reading!! Happy Summer!!

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Rediscovering the Library

As a child I loved going to the library. We went often. And I can still remember being excited to visit the library after school. There was a world of books to choose from. Every topic, subject, story you could possibly imagine.

It’s been years since I have stepped foot in the library. I started going again when I had to do a themed circle for the preschool I was working at last year. There was so many picture books and information books to choose from for the theme I had to talk about in circle with the children. In the back of my mind I was already thinking about how excited I would be to bring my baby to the library and raise a reader just like his mama.

This past summer my fiance, Mike and I moved to a new town and I was instantly excited to discover my own local library again. It wasn’t until Markus was about three months old that we attended our first “Babytime” class. It is a class designed for babies a year old and under. We sing songs, with lots of hand movement or puppets and read stories. Markus really enjoys going, he loves the music and often dances to the songs. Babies interact with each other and it’s a good opportunity for the Mama’s to talk with other Mama’s and hopefully make some new Mommy friends.

Another class that our local library offers is one called “Mother Goose.” I had heard about it before when I was teaching and was excited to attend with Markus. Our town’s library “Mother Goose” class fills up really fast. It’s a free class but it’s first come, first served. We were able to get into the Spring session. The class is an hour long, and its all singing. The teacher does not use any props, and no toys are given to the babies. Nothing to distract him or her. Songs are sung using sign language. Markus enjoys Mother Goose and we have learned so many new songs and signs to go with the songs and I find myself singing them to him at home as well. We have also had the chance to meet more Moms and babies.

As part of going to the library for our classes, Markus and I have also gotten into the routine of borrowing books for us to read at home. We usually borrow a couple of books at a time and read them over and over at home. I am also discovering a whole bunch of novels to read and checking out books that I have on my Goodreads to read list I am also saving some money when I borrow the book over buying them. Holding a library book in my hands while I read evokes so many memories and is just heaven in my eyes.There are also e-books and DVD’s you can borrow.

There are also a variety of clubs and activities you or your child can join. I’ve seen that they have a knitting club, a book club and a LEGO club. I’m sure once Markus is older he will have an interest in joining one of the clubs they offer, and I wouldn’t mind joining or starting a book club of my own. During the holidays they have events as well, story time with Santa, pyjama story time, Easter activities and more.

This summer, I’m looking forward to signing up Markus for the Summer Reading Book Club and reading lots of books, just like I did when I was young. We will spend our days reading outside, in the yard or at the beach.

If you haven’t been to your local library lately be sure to check it out and see what they offer for you and your family. I know for me, it’s been awesome re-discovering the library and I look forward to taking Markus continuously as he gets older. It’s also given me a boost of confidence in meeting new Mom’s as well and sharing our stories and concerns of raising a little one.